Frequently Asked Questions

  • why are we doing all this?
  • When looking for a job in the Security Guard Industry, we want to give you the ability to make an informed decision on what Security Company best suits what you are looking for in terms of employment. We also want to give you the opportunity to assist fellow guards by letting them know your experiences with your current and/or previous Security Guard employer(s). There are proven results in other industries that a site like this helps both the employee and employer!
  • who are we?
  • We are just like you, people in the Security Guard industry looking for fair treatment, fair pay, career advancement and overall job enjoyment.
  • who can write a review?
  • Any employee or former employee of any given Security Guard/PI employer, worldwide.
  • how do I write a review?
  • Tell the truth - This includes both honesty and transparency. An articulate comment enhances your rating credibility. Do not personally attack anyone, or mention anyone by name, initials or function.
  • how can I support the site?
  • Rate your current and former employers with detailed comments and spread the word about SGA to friends and co-workers.
  • which employers can be rated?
  • Any Security Guard/PI employer can be rated.
  • how are employer ratings established?
  • Any current or former employee of a Security Guard/PI employer can rate different aspects such as atmosphere or compensation on a scale of 1 to 5. An average for each aspect as well as an overall score is calculated for a given employer.
  • what is the validity of the results?
  • The process is not fool-proof! SGA is an aid for choosing your next Security Guard/PI employer wisely. You should review the evaluations critically and be aware that some may be fake, ill-founded or from the employer itself (these are usually obvious). The more ratings on a specific employer, the more representative the overall result should be.
  • what about my privacy?
  • Your information is kept confidential and your submitted rating(s) will remain anonymous. Please refrain from illegal, obscene, threatening, libellous, racist or other objectionable or injurious content. Internet anonymity has its limits.
  • how do you make sure ratings are from current or past employees?
  • We don't. Anonymity makes such a verification impossible.
  • aren't most of the ratings negative from employees who want to vent?
  • No. There are almost the same number of positive ratings as negative ones.
  • as an employer, how do I use this site?
  • Monitor your corporate reputation through this uncontrolled and spontaneous diagnostic tool and possibly take corrective action. By listening to what is said about you, you could reap the following benefits:
    • A faster awareness of glaring issues that you can proactively fix before they affect your corporate reputation.
    • A free audit of your employer brand highlighting your strengths and weaknesses.
    • A benchmark with your peers from the same industry.
    • An alternative to too politically correct, employer-driven, best employer awards.

    If your overall score is good, you could consider using SGA to empower your recruiting with a link from your corporate career site to your SGA ratings.

    If your overall score is low, reasons are usually detailed in the raters' comments. It's a good start for a corporate self-assessment.

    Send an e-mail to invite all your employees to fill out a rating from home (not on company time; guaranteed confidentiality).

  • how can I remove my organization from the site?
  • You can't!